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Electrical Rough-In Planning Spreadsheet

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This resource was incredibly helpful during our electrical rough-in process, and hopefully it will help you too! We have never taken on a job like this before, so the extra organization provided by the spreadsheet allowed us to:

  • Plan space allocation for breakers in the main panel
  • Locate breakers in the panel to minimize wire crossover, keeping wiring neat and professional
  • Track progress as we finished each circuit, ensuring nothing was overlooked
  • Generate an accurate materials list for the project, saving on procurement time & effort

What's Inside?

Circuit Breaker Layout: A representation of our panel layout with descriptions for each breaker. Easily changed or rearranged for your situation!

Individual Circuit Details: A table listing every circuit in our project, detailing the breaker amperage, number of poles, breaker type & part number (specific to a Square D Homeline panel), wire type & approximate length, and usage notes. Modify it to suit your needs.

Materials List: A listing of the breakers, boxes, wire, tools, and miscellaneous items we needed to purchase. This will vary for every project, but will give you a solid starting point for what you may need.


1. How do I download the file?

You will be emailed the file once the purchased is made. The email will be sent from:

If you have trouble finding the email, check your Spam or Promotions folder.

    Electrical Rough-In Planning Spreadsheet
    • 1. Download

      Download the file from the email that is sent to your inbox.

    • 2. View and Analyze

      Details in the spreadsheet include the resources that have helped us in our own project.

    • 3. Plan Your Own

      Use this spreadsheet as guidance and insight for your own project.