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Complete your material estimate for ROCKWOOL in minutes!

Accurate material takeoffs (estimates) are one of the most challenging parts of building a home or taking on any large renovation project.

If ROCKWOOL Comfortbatt or Safe'n'Sound insulation will be used on your project, there are several variables to consider including:

  • Insulation product type based on location in building (i.e exterior wall, floor joist, attic, etc.), building codes, and local codes
  • Wood vs. Steel Framing
  • Framing Spacing (16", 19.2", or 24" OC)
  • Country (U.S. or Canada)

This resource will help you:

1️⃣ Determine the specific ROCKWOOL insulation product needed for each framing assembly

2️⃣ Calculate the amount of insulation required for your project in quantities of bags & pallets

What's Inside?

Recommended ROCKWOOL Products: A list of the different ROCKWOOL products recommended for applications in U.S. and Canadian residential construction. There is also a table of every ROCKWOOL Comfortbatt and Safe'n'Sound product available in the U.S. and Canada, which lists batt sizes, R-values, square footage covered per bag, batt quantities in each bag and pallet, and more.

Filled out Sample Calculator: A fully populated calculator with real-world numbers from our own project to demonstrate how everything works. Inputs to the calculator are the selected insulation product, the number of framing bays with their lengths, and a selectable waste percentage (default 5%). Outputs are the total number of batts, bags, and pallets of the selected insulation product needed for your project.

Blank Calculator for Your Project: The same table used for the example calculation with more available lines, ready for your own inputs. Simply follow the instructions, enter your project data, and send your finished ordering list for purchase in minutes. The material list will auto-adjust based on the product selected, the length of the stud bay, the number of stud bays, and waste percentage.

1. How do I access the file?

You can access the file link directly on the Purchase Confirmation page. It will also be emailed to you once the purchased is made. The email will be sent from:

If you have trouble finding the email, check your Spam or Promotions folder.

ROCKWOOL Insulation Calculator
  • 1. Download

    Download the file from the email that is sent to your inbox.

  • 2. View and Analyze

    Details in the spreadsheet include the resources that have helped us in our own project.

  • 3. Plan Your Own

    Use this spreadsheet as guidance and insight for your own project.

What is ROCKWOOL Insulation?

ROCKWOOL insulation is a brand of stone wool insulation. Stone wool insulation is made of rocks that have been melted down and then spun into a fiber. The fiber is then layered and compressed into insulation batt or board products with varying densities and sizes.

Why we chose ROCKWOOL Insulation

  • High R-Value

R-value indicates the effectiveness of insulation materials in resisting heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power and the better the material is at keeping heat from escaping or entering a space. Using insulation with the proper R-Value helps keep indoor temperatures comfortable and improves the energy efficiency of a home.

  • Water Resistant

Stone wool is water resistant and is designed to repel water. This quality along with the material composition of the insulation being primarily stone, result in reduced chance of mold, mildew, or fungi growth.

  • Noise Reduction

Stone wool absorbs sound, helping to create quieter spaces. ROCKWOOL sells a specific product called Safe N' Sound that is used for noise reduction in interior walls.

  • Fire Resistance

ROCKWOOL is made of non-combustable materials. The insulation is dense and fills the entire stud bays, effectively reducing the amount of airflow that can move between studs in the event of a fire. This helps prevent the spread of a fire.

  • Easy Installation

ROCKWOOL is sold in batts or boards and is installed similar to fiberglass. The rigidity of the insulation makes it easier to cut and install than it's competitors. The insulation can be installed by a DIYer and doesn't require a professional.

  • Recyclable

ROCKWOOL is fully recyclable and any scraps generated during the manufacturing process are melted down and reused. We were creative during the installation process and used any small scrap pieces to fill in around our duct work.

Where to buy ROCKWOOL Insulation

ROCKWOOL can be found at several big box stores in the United States including Lowes and Home Depot. It can also be purchased from a local ROCKWOOL dealer.

Click here to find a local dealer near you.

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