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Electrical Rough-In Planning Spreadsheet

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This resource was incredibly helpful during our electrical rough-in process, and hopefully it will help you too! We have never taken on a job like this before, so the extra organization provided by the spreadsheet allowed us to:

  • Plan space allocation for breakers in the main panel
  • Locate breakers in the panel to minimize wire crossover, keeping wiring neat and professional
  • Track progress as we finished each circuit, ensuring nothing was overlooked
  • Generate an accurate materials list for the project, saving on procurement time & effort

What's Inside?

Circuit Breaker Layout: A representation of our panel layout with descriptions for each breaker. Easily changed or rearranged for your situation!

Individual Circuit Details: A table listing every circuit in our project, detailing the breaker amperage, number of poles, breaker type & part number (specific to a Square D Homeline panel), wire type & approximate length, and usage notes. Modify it to suit your needs.

Materials List: A listing of the breakers, boxes, wire, tools, and miscellaneous items we needed to purchase. This will vary for every project, but will give you a solid starting point for what you may need.


1. How do I access the file?

You can access the file link directly on the Purchase Confirmation page. It will also be emailed to you once the purchased is made. The email will be sent from:

If you have trouble finding the email, check your Spam or Promotions folder.

Electrical Rough-In Planning Spreadsheet
  • 1. Download

    Download the file from the email that is sent to your inbox.

  • 2. View and Analyze

    Details in the spreadsheet include the resources that have helped us in our own project.

  • 3. Plan Your Own

    Use this spreadsheet as guidance and insight for your own project.

Customer Reviews

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Lewis Klason
Well worth the money

Very informative material that is helping us in our planning for our home build

Nick Kern
Very Helpful!

Great for planning future service with backup generator on new build.