Chicken Pumpkin Waterer

How to Make a Pumpkin Waterer For Chickens

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Chickens Drinking from Pumpkin Waterer

Making a pumpkin waterer for your chickens is a fun, easy way to celebrate Halloween with your fluffy friends. 

I originally came up with this idea after seeing a pumpkin keg made for beer. We had some watering nipple fittings on hand and I knew they would work perfectly for this project!

The pumpkin waterer should only be used for 1-2 days so I’d recommend waiting to do this right before a holiday party or Halloween!

I would also suggest keeping a second source of water in the space so that they can drink plain water if desired.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

  1. A medium to large sized pumpkin
  2. Watering Nipples for Chickens (Poultry Nipples)
  3. A knife (for carving)
  4. Spoon (for scooping gooey insides)
  5. Drill or punch
  6. Medium sized bowl or cardboard box for scraps
  7. Scratch and Peck Feeds Organic Herbs

How to Make a Pumpkin Keg:

  1. Start by carving out the top of the pumpkin. Once you remove the top, clean off the top of the pumpkin using the knife.
  2. Scoop out the gooey insides and set those aside in the waste container or cardboard box. Make sure that the inside of the pumpkin is clean and that most of the pulp has been removed.
  3. Select a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the poultry nipple fitting. I used a ¼” drill bit. If you don’t have a drill, you can also use a hammer and punch. It’s really easy to make a hole in the pumpkin so use whatever you have on hand!
  4. Drill 3 or 4 holes around the base of the pumpkin.
  5. Twist the watering nipples into the holes. Press firmly as you twist. The goal is to have a tight seal.
  6. Fill up the pumpkin with water.
  7. Sprinkle in Scratch and Peck Feeds Organic Herbs mix.
  8. Place the chicken waterer on an elevated surface to make the nipples accessible.
  9. Feed your chickens the gooey insides!

Let your chickens enjoy the pumpkin waterer for 1-2 days! See details below. 

Watering Nipples for Chickens (Poultry Nipples): 

Watering nipples (or poultry nipples) are a watering device that are typically used to transform any typical bucket or PVC pipe into a waterer. Watering nipples allow you to build your own waterer that is more cost effective and efficient.

The fittings have a threaded end so that when you drill a hole in the PVC pipe or bucket, you can easily twist the fitting into place.

How to Train Chickens to use water nipples:

First encourage your chickens to come near the waterer. Tap on the metal tab until water comes out of the fitting. I like to make a “chirp chirp chirp” noise while doing this to encourage my chickens to try it out for themselves.

Once one chicken understands that this is a fresh source of water, they typically will start pecking at the nipple. The rest of the chickens observe and learn from the first chicken!

What are the benefits of using watering nipples?

The two biggest benefits of using watering nipples are:

  •  They stay cleaner than a bowl or trough
  •  They make building your own watering device easy and budget-friendly.

How long will the pumpkin chicken waterer last?

The purpose of this project is to be fun and festive - not so much functional.

I would recommend only keeping water in the pumpkin for 1-2 days but this depends on your climate. In a colder climate you likely can keep the water in the pumpkin longer but you need to  check on the pumpkin daily to ensure that it’s not decomposing or fermenting. 

One way to prevent the pumpkin from decomposing is to only put a little bit of water in the pumpkin rather than filling it up to the top!

Once you’ve enjoyed the waterer for 1-2 days, you can remove the poultry nipples and cut the pumpkin in half for your chickens to enjoy!

What are Scratch and Peck Feeds Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs?

This herb mix is a great choice for chickens and supports digestive and circulatory health. They can be used in the chicken water as well as directly in their feed.

You can use our code “MASONDIXON15” for 15% off your order!

Here’s a breakdown of the common benefits associated with the herbs found in this mix*(Source: Scratch and Peck Feeds website):

  • Nettle: Calcium, bone strengthening
  • Ginger: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
  • Garlic: Immune support
  • Basil: Adaptogen, anti-inflammatory
  • Thyme: Respiratory health
  • Calendula: Contains xanthophylls, which deepens egg yolk color
  • Oregano: Antioxidant for immune support
  • Parsley: Good source for vitamin K, D, and A, folate, and iron

*Attributes of Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs have not been approved by the FDA.

Always offer clean fresh water, and age-appropriate grit for chickens alongside any treats!

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